Programming Plan for 2023 - 16/04/2023

Skills that I will be pursuing this year 2023

Planning 2023

It is now the second quarter of the year. I started to realise that my tech stack knowledge is starting to plateau slowly and this made me think of what technologies should I start learning this year that could potentially help with improving my career.

I am following these criteria that I think will be important for my growth

These are the skills I chose:

Rust Language

It is a statically-typed programming language which will improve how I think on programming in general. This will keep me aware of each line of code that I will write which will generally improve code quality. Learning to think in types will also affect how I code in other languages. It is beneficial as I have not used a typed language in my career.

Memory management is also something important for developers to learn as well. Especially with web developers, we have not thought of types explicitly for a long time until Typescript came. I have used Python and Javascript which are both interpreted languages so having to learn how to manage types and memory allocation on compile time will be a challenge for me.

With the current big companies that are moving to Rust, rewriting their whole systems, it gives me hope that this language will be here to stay for a long time. They understood what Rust can provide and its value that they are willing to invest resources into it. Hopefully in the future, it will be the only language I would need for all types of development.

Data Engineering

I currently work as a data engineer in Melbourne, Australia. This is the first company where I worked as a Data Engineer. This allowed me to experiment with data pipelines and infrastructure. I am looking to learn more technologies related to it. I am now mainly looking to specialise in the following technologies – Task Orchestration, Data Pipelines, and Infrastructure.

Tech stack that I am looking at

One of the main reasons I also wanted to improve this skill is that almost all companies right now are data companies and I think data engineering will be part of every data company’s toolkit having the skills to implement the engineering and policy of data would be really valuable in the future.


As a Computer Science graduate, I wasn’t able to take business courses. Learning how businesses generally work would also be a valuable skill to learn. I am lucky to be in my current company since they are openly discussing how the business is going and I try to listen to how they make their decisions. It is a skill that I need to work on and my goal is to come to a point where I can understand how decisions are being made and how to implement it. I know that it would benefit me in the future as a leader.

I only limited it to these three things as I would like to be focused this year.

Thanks for reading!

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